Rally Rules


2020 Tasmanian State Rally Rules


  • Your CMCA Membership card must be worn and be clearly visible at all times.
  • Your windscreen card must be displayed in your windscreen and be clearly visible at all times.
  • Porta-potties and cassette toilets are only to be emptied into the DUMP POINT provided and NOT EMPTIED INTO THE TOILETS. Any Member violating this condition will be requested to leave the Rally.
  • A maximum speed limit of 10kph will apply to all vehicles on site.
  • Tow vehicles of 5th wheelers and caravans are to be disconnected from 5th wheeler or caravan and parked in designated second vehicle park.
  •  Members with a secondary vehicle must park it in the designated secondary vehicle car park.
  • Any person riding a bike (powered and unpowered) must wear a helmet at all times.
  • CMCA Rally Sites are smoke-free environments. Depending on the venue a designated smoking area may be established. This means that smoking is not permitted in the siting areas, around buildings, trade and food areas. Smoking is permitted within members’ own vehicle if so wished. Some venues such as schools, sporting grounds etc., may be 100% smoke free.
  • Respect the rights of others at all times.
  • Keep your rally site clean and tidy.
  • Make sure your fresh water tanks are full and your grey and black water tanks are empty before arrival at the rally.
  • Please arrive on site with full LP gas bottle/s.
  • Entry hours are generally 8am to 3:30pm (this is variable depending on rally site).
  • No Member is to trade from their motorhome.
  • To prevent damage to playing fields, annex floor matting is not to be used.


  • Generators should have a noise level not exceeding 68dB.
  • Generators must ONLY be run between 9am and 4pm – with your neighbour’s consent. Generators must not be run for more than two consecutive hours and not more than four hours per day.
  • If generators must be run outside the designated hours, then those Members will need to consider relocation to a more appropriate site at the rally after consultation with the Rally Manager. (Extended generator hours are available in a separate area of the site 8am – 8pm)
  • Members who insist on running generators outside the approved hours, without approval of the Rally Manager, may be asked to leave the rally. Important points
  • First Aid will be available at the rally site for the duration of the rally.

Dogs / Pets

  • Dogs/pets must be wearing a collar whilst in public and be microchipped and registered.
  • Dogs/pets must be kept under control at all times.
  • All dogs must be on a lead when in public places. Leads must be no more than 2 metres long. Extendable/retractable leads are not permitted.
  • Dogs/pets are prohibited in food areas where food is consumed and from formal meetings.
  • Dogs/pets are also not permitted in the marquee or any building (Guide Dogs excepted).
  • Owners must ensure that dogs/pets are not a nuisance to other Members. They should not be left for long periods unattended in vehicles where their barking/howling can cause a nuisance to neighbours.
  • Dogs that have a tendency to snap or bite should be muzzled when out of their motorhome/campervan.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up any ‘mess’ deposited by their dog/pet.
  • Dogs/pets are not to be brought to ‘happy hour’ gatherings without the express permission of all participants.

Code of Conduct

  • This sets out the standards of behaviour expected of members when attending a CMCA rally. In agreeing to be part of the rally, each member must also agree to adhere to these codes at all times.

Members must:

  • Treat all people associated with the Club, including members, volunteers, partners and external stakeholders, with respect.
  • Consider the welfare of the Club’s members at all times.
  • Be honest at all times.
  • Adhere to the rally rules established by the Club.

Uncooperative behaviour

  • A Member who becomes uncooperative or unruly will be instructed to leave the venue immediately.
  • Furthermore, should this occur, the Member may be given a suitable time to leave the site.
  • Failure to cooperate will result in the Police being called to assist.
  • If this occurs, further action via the CMCA Constitution may be undertaken and possible expulsion from the Club could occur.
  • Expulsion from the Club invalidates the members insurance, if covered by the CMCA insurance scheme. Note Any Member who, intentionally or otherwise, damages the rally site, removes any equipment without permission, enters a restricted area without permission or promotes any organisation other than CMCA (without permission), or acts in a manner that will bring CMCA, and/or its members into disrepute may be required to leave the rally site and must do so on request.