Some of the talent we have lined up for you

A few paragraphs to introduce the entertainers so rally attendees know what to expect.

Thursday evening – Quiz Night

Friday evening – Introducing the Urban Outlaws flyer

Saturday Evening – Sync or Swim

Sunday Evening – Daystar Duo

Monday Evening – Shirl Brown

Quiz Night

Get your thinking caps on!

All those news broadcasts you’ve ever watched, all those newspapers you’ve ever read, all that useless stuff you learned back in school – well here comes the chance for you to recall it all and amaze not only your team mates, but the rest of the crowd as well!

Sync or Swing 

 Sync or Swing is the jazz band arm of the Burnie Concert Band, a community group supporting local players from the ages 8 to 90! 

Sync or Swing plays a range of Jazz styles such as: swing, Latin, Dixieland and rock and roll styles 

The instrumentation make-up of the band is: Saxophones, trumpets, trombones and a rhythm section – Keyboard, guitar, bass and drums. 

The band has a repertoire of over 4 hours of playing from classic like Tuxedo Junction, Satin Doll and In the Mood to Rock classics like Johnny B Good and Hound Dog.  We have up-tempo dance numbers and some wonderful sets that would be idea for background for dinners.  

Sync or Swing can be a big band sound with 20 plus players of a smaller group of 12 players. 

We have a number of songs with vocals, but the majority of our music is instrumental. 

Contact for Sync or Swing – David Turner 0403448793 davidmusic@netspace.net.au 

Daystar Duo

Ailsa and Rob Nicholls have been performing as DayStar  since 1999, with a wide repertoire. DayStars  specialty lies in ballads and easy listening, with  featured segments of 50’s / 60’s, Folk, Country, Old Standards,  Australiana, Aussie Rock, Rock’n’Roll, Rat-Pack, Rock and Tropicana.

Check them out at https://daystarduo.com/